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  1. Thank you found...and yes I want to fly free like a butterfly too
  2. Thank u crayon ,beyond , and ally...im sure going to try to reach out and heal....
  3. why is the word speak orange and underlined??????
  4. hi im moiradiane......im new..had been here only a few days before "the great crash". had a horrible childhood...am hoping to learn to speak and to somehow lessen the bigness of it all.. i feel that at 48 i should be over it already...and yet it rears its ugly head constantly. would love to sleep peacefully and be ok in my own self...hope i can also bring some support to others even in the little while ive been here..i have found comfort in being not alon..in being understood...so thank you..
  5. hi chant...glad u are here....
  6. Dum de dum dum..doo dee doo doo..lallaa dodo titidum
  7. Nomo...* moiradiane waves frantically*..hello hello...
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