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  1. My personal Holloway....

    1. Stephenjames


      Claire G needs to be locked up!


    2. Stephenjames


      I do believe Claire G will be locked up!... its only a matter of time...

  2. Never give up on your dreams!

  3. Happy Birthday Annie!! Hope you have a great day!!


    1. Annie7


       xx thank you that made my day Rapha! :throb:

  4. Wish I was bright!

    1. Painnbroken


      You are bright and I agree with Annie.  

    2. Stephenjames


      Thank you Painnbroken very kind of you! :)


    3. Painnbroken


      You're welcome but I am only speaking the truth Rapha. Hang in there.  :)

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  5. The unnatural evil lurking behind the walls :( ....

  6. Something wicked this way comes...

    1. Annie7
    2. LuthienTinuviel


      Double, double toil and trouble;. Fire burn and cauldron bubble

  7. Claire G*** paedophilia caused my weight problem. 

  8. The lull before the...

  9. I saw the danger with ginger p*bes rape the cave girl and I was powerless to do anything...

  10. Claire G** is the pervert that's used to come around to my school hall and home and stare at my ******** when I was 15...

  11. Through adversity to the stars...

  12. Stars light the sky in a gutter full of broken dreams tonight :( ....

    1. Annie7


      stars light my tormented mind fractured and alone, never enough to be loved, broken on a rusting throne

  13. What is a dirty old man doing in my bedroom?!?!?!!

  14. There was a dirty old man in my bedroom...

  15. I feel cheated...


  16. Bullying at school...

  17. Through adversity to the stars...

  18. Far from the madding crowd...

  19. I'm out of my depth...


  20. Through adversity to the stars..

  21. I was repeatedly raped by David S*****

    1. winterwishes


      Im so sad this happened to you :( hugs if okay 

    2. Stephenjames


      Thank you winterwishes, very kind, greatly appreciated.

    3. winterwishes


      Your welcome, safe hugs to you

  22. You were raping me diseased turd! It's prison for you diseased turd...

  23. I think losing your job is the least of your worries Claire G**, you are a paedophile!

  24. I have a social and communicative disorder...


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