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  1. What's wrong with joining the RAF anyway??...

    1. Annie7


      it's hard to be a man when there's a gun in your hand... ;( 

      nothing is wrong with it 

  2. Wish the Guy family would leave me alone!....

  3. Claire (surname?) is a danger to me...

  4. Any news on the chat room? What became of 'Go fund me'?..

  5. I pray to Jesus for forgiveness...

  6. Through adversity to the stars...

    1. LuthienTinuviel


      a flower blooms in adversity

    2. Stephenjames


      Very true, very nice

  7. When it's darkest, men see the stars

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    2. Stephenjames


      Good point, but it wasn't meant to be sexist.


    3. LuthienTinuviel


      i didnt see it as sexist :) it is very poetic 

    4. Annie7


      LT you are quite amusing to me 

  8. Claire (Surname?)....

    Claire (Surname?) is a Paedo, I was under-age and I am very angry about it. She defiled my body, mind, brain and spirit with it's diseased brain. Claire (Surname?) needs to be put in prison for the rest of it's unnatural defiled life...
  9. Very angry..

    Really angry and upset today. Relatives of sex offender/sexual abuser 'C' harassing and verbally abusing me in my local supermarket. Relatives of 'C' shouting and verbally through the walls of my bedroom, relatives of 'C' living on property next to my parents house verbally abusing and shouting at me. Can't seem to escape 'C', have been suffering it now for 25 years. 'C' arranged for me to be raped in my bedroom aged 17 which made me very ill both physically and mentally. 'C' is facing 10 years in prison for a child pornography scam that she set up to try and put me in prison for. 'C' sexually abused me for 8 months when I was a 16 year old, they did something to my brain with LSD so that I couldn't fight back or fight 'C' off. 'C' used to hang around my school hall when I was a 15 year old and stare at my genitals and laugh. 'C' had planned the poisoning and sexual abuse out months in advance. I need to sit a Law Degree to fathom out how to put 'C' in prison.
  10. High hopes...

  11. Been off work now for 25 years... the doctors still won't tell me what is wrong with me...

  12. I want to be a Pilot....

    1. Dahliaa


      I hope you get to do just that!

    2. Stephenjames


      Thank you greatly @Dahliaa very kind you!

  13. My life was taken away from me for the sake of entertainment...

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    2. Stephenjames


      Sorry @Bluesclues that you also feel abused in such a way. Safe hugs @LuthienTinuviel 

    3. Bluesclues


      Thank you, it's life, what can you do? Hugs to you. 

    4. Stephenjames


      Thank you @Bluesclues safe (((((hugs)))))

  14. I was repeatedly sexually abused by a Tourette R*pist...  now I'm ill :( 

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    2. oceonwaves


      you are welcome and I wish and hope you can find your way through this minefield pain.

    3. Stephenjames


      Thank you @oceonwaves, wishing you well. Hope you find peace also! :) 

    4. oceonwaves


      and PEACE back to you.

      I am sure you know this song, she is an amazing performer