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  1. They ripped all my hair out to make me too ugly to ever have a girlfriend..

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    2. Stephenjames


      Thank you @WannaMoveOn for your kind words of support. I guess having hair on a mans head isn't the be-all-and end-all in a healthy relationship. I was only 18, they did it to humiliate me. 

      My paranoid and mentally ill Sister was threatening to commit suicide if I ever got a girlfriend. My Policeman Father and his drinking friends set me up. I find it all very distressing to say the least. 

      I wish you well with your boyfriend. Many thanks once again. 


    3. WannaMoveOn


      Ripping hair our counts as physical abuse in my country. 

      If this affected your hair growth, I understand it must be a painful reminder, but you can meet a loving person no matter that. When we truly love someone, we see the beauty in the person inside and out. 

      How nice of you to wish me luck! :) Btw, wrote wrong, he is in his upper 20´s 😄 Almost 30. 

    4. Stephenjames


      Hi @WannaMoveOn

      I didn't realise what they were doing counted as physical abuse at the time. It was done by the Police, so I didn't really have anyone to ask for help. When I went to the health service, they laughed in my face. 

      I will have to try and seek legal advise, maybe there is something that can be done about these corrupt Policeman. 

      They turned me into a basket case when I was 16-18. I really did want to get married and have children but I fear I am over the hill these days. I find it very upsetting to think of what they did to me for fun. 

      I wish you and your boyfriend a very happy future together. 

      Many thanks for all your kind help! 


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