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    American living in Asia
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    I enjoy my beautiful children and hubby
    listening to music (so healing for me)
    I also practice holistic medicine and enjoy doing triathlons

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  1. Welcome this is a place of non-judment I hope you find as much support as I have from here Sorry you have to be here but you are not alone in this journey I am glad that you are in therapy Take care CycleGirl
  2. I am having the same issue. I would really like my birthday removed. Thanks CycleGirl
  3. Welcome Normag Sorry you have to be here I hope you find the support you need to help you heal AS has been so helpful for me Let me know if I can help you, feel free to PM anytime You are not alone Be gentle with yourself CycleGirl
  4. Hi Cocoa Yes also sorry you have to be here but it does make it not so lonely Hang in there, there are better days to come, I know its hard to see that right now Focus on staying strong and healing Take care of yourself CycleGirl
  5. Hi Dear I am so sorry to hear what those evil sociopaths did to you. I hope you can start to heal. You have the strength in you, you have to fight back! I know it is a painful journey but you can do it. Try and be kind to yourself. None of this was your fault. Remember what a beautiful woman you are. See if you can make it to at least one class a day, baby steps You are in my prayers Take care of you CycleGirl
  6. Yes I have similar issues. When I get in the shower, I make sure I don't look see myself in the mirror before I get in. I close my eyes for a second bc the mirror is just next to the shower. This was our main topic of conversation at T today. She gave me some homework to help me work on it. Last week's assignment was just to rub lotion on my body after the shower and say I love my body, thank you body. This assignment is waaaayyyyyy harder this week. It will probably take about an hour everyday to do, I haven't started yet. It is called 22 by 11. She gave me a statement and I have to write it
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