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  1. Hey there.  It's been way too long. Checking in.  Hope all is well. Miss you!



    1. silent no more

      silent no more

      Hey lady!! It sure has been way too long! Lots has changed and I sure do miss chatting with you . I hope all is well for you!! I will try to send you an email in the next day or so! ((((((((((12)))))))))))))

  2. minimiztion vs realization

  3. Other people believe your lies. I know that truth prevails. -twelve
  4. Welcome to AS. I hope you find this forum helpful! -twelve
  5. Got back to the gym and back on my food plan! (been a while)
  6. Went to the gym and now I am going back to bed.
  7. My positive thinking destroys you! -twelve
  8. Going to the gym to feel stronger. Cleared my head and slept great last night. -twelve
  9. You do not own me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can't keep me here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -twelve
  10. Stayed present when I was triggered. Enjoyed time with my daughter.
  11. Woke up and made a list of important things to do while my kids are with their dad for 19 days. (I included some positive self care). -twelve
  12. Went to T yesterday to help further my healing journey. Today, I am taking my kids on a camping trip! All packed....s'mores here I come!!!!!!!!!
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