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    I hope AS can help you find whatever you are looking for.
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    From: Who Abused You

    Happy birthday my friend.
  3. Hello I remember what it was like to first join and I assure you that you are not alone in feeling nervous when first coming here! I hope you can find some people to talk to here and whatever you need...and I hope that will include some of the kind and compassionate support I am sure you deserve to deal with the aftermath of whatever has brought you here. With support, Activist Ally
  4. Welcome to AS! (After Silence) Sorry to hear there are limited services in your area but glad AS is around to hopefully provide you with a small bit of the comforting support you deserve as you work on healing. I share your hope that we can all heal together. With support, Activist Ally
  5. There will be a topic chat open to new members to get to know each other and have the opportunity to talk with a moderator and the NST (newbie support team) about ways to use AS (after silence) and also open to any questions you may have as a recent member here. A member must have 10 posts somewhere in the forum to be able to access chat so if you have 10 posts you're good to go and if you don't, I hope you will be able to make a few more so you can join us!!! You can reply to your own topics, reply to other people's topics, or create a new topic to count towards your 10 posts that will allow you into the chat room There will be two times that we hope will reach a wide portion of our new members. SUNDAY evening September 13th at 9pm EDT (Eastern Daylight Time) FRIDAY morning September 18th at 9am EDT (Eastern Daylight Time) Hope to see you there!!!! The time for your area will vary because of time zones so here are a couple of time zone calculator you might use to help figure out when the chats are in your local area. http://www.timeandzone.com/?gclid=CI7uioaS7scCFQIHvAodWugNJg#.VfJYHWIaySM which will tell you if the time has shifted to the next day in your area (Sunday evening in EDT will be Monday morning in other parts of the world). http://www.worldtimebuddy.com/ is just a different format but you can put the dates and times in and it will tell you the date and time in another area of the globe. So for example SUNDAY evening September 13th at 9pm EDT for four cities: New York USA 9pm Sun Sept 13th London England 2am Mon Sept 14th Riga Latvia 4am Mon Sept 14th Sydney Australia 11am Mon Sept 14th FRIDAY September 18th at 9am EDT for four cities: New York USA 9am Fri Sept 18th London England 2pm Fri Sept 18th Riga Latvia 4pm Fri Sept 18th Sydney Australia 11pm Fri Sept 18th
  6. Hello Karateninja I am glad to see you have reached out for support here and that belonging to AS (After Silence) will help you feel supported as you work to heal and recover from all the traumas that brought you here. You are not alone in not feeling like you can get support from close family but I'm glad to hear you have some good support with your therapist and martial arts instructor. Also congratulations on the courage to make a statement regarding your most recent assault. Well, I am sorry for the things that brought you here, but I'm glad you have found us and I hope you feel at home and like you belong here soon. Strength to you, Activist Ally
  7. Hello Elocin, I am sorry to hear of the lack of support where you live but I'm glad that AS (After Silence) is here and I hope that by belonging here you can get some of the kind and compassionate support you deserve as you deal with your trauma. I too hope you can feel at home here and that AS can be a helpful part of support on your journey to heal and recover from the traumas that brought you here. I will send you a PM (personal message) with instructions on how to upload photos so I hope the angry hopping red icon will be replacd with soon. With support, Activist Ally
  8. I am glad to see you reaching out to post on the forums and I want to welcome you to the AS (After Silence) community. I hope by belonging here it will help you feel supported and not alone in recovering from the things that led you to join here. That is great that you are starting your own business! Understandable that all these things are stressful though. I hope you have a great day too and again, welcome to AS!!!! Activist Ally
  9. Hello i'm glad that you have been finding your way around the boards and I'm glad you've been sharing your support. I hope you'll also find the members of AS (After Silence) to be supportive and kind to you in turn. As some of the others mentioned, when you get 10 posts you will be able to access the chat room and it looks like you are close to that number already. Strength to you, Activist Ally
  10. Hi there I'm sorry to hear that you've been abused so much in your life. I'm glad that you and your girlfriend are reaching out for support and I hope AS (After Silence) can be a small part of the support network that you and she deserve as you strive to heal and recover from the abuse you've suffered. Success to you on your healing journey!!! Activist Ally
  11. Hello! Congratulations for the courage to post here and say hello! I'm glad that you have found us and have joined our community! I hope belonging here will help you as you do all the things you mentioned...learning, sharing, listening, supporting, and getting support from your fellow AS (After Silence) members. For what it's worth I do believe healing is possible and I hope that flicker of hope you see will be fanned into the bright light of sunshine as you walk your healing journey along with us. Welcome to AS! Activist Ally
  12. Hi Jules, I hope that you will feel sure of yourself here and that the nervousness will subside. I remember how nervous I was when I joined so I can assure you that you are not alone in feeling that way! Welcome to AS (After Silence) and I hope this is a good safe place for you to help voice your thoughts and feelings. With support, Activist Ally
  13. Hi Welcome to AS (After Silence). I look forward to seeing your contributions to the forum. Hello to you too!!! Warmly, Activist Ally
  14. Hello SMarie I'm so sorry to hear that all that has happened to you and that you've been failed by people close to you and the system. I gently say that I am sure you haven't failed yourself - it sounds like you've been hurt terribly and I'm sure you've done the best you can to survive and cope with trauma nobody should have to endure. I'm glad that you found the courage to join here and I hope that by belonging here it can help you in moving forward in the ways you hope - making sense of things, speaking out what you feel, and gaining understanding from kind and compassionate supporters. I hope AS (After Silence) members will walk beside you as we all journey our healing path. Strength to you, Activist Ally
  15. Hi Grace! I share your hopes that AS (after silence) can help you on your healing path in a safe and healthy way! I hope you'll find the members at AS to be supportive and kind as we work together to recover from what has brought us here! Warmly, Activist Ally
  16. Hello Welcome to AS (After Silence). I appreciate your bravery for joining and reaching out in a new way for support! I hope you won't feel too scared of us for very long and that you have a safe and supportive experience here! Warmly, Activist Ally
  17. Hi! I hope belonging at AS (After Silence) can help you feel the way you want soon! With support, Activist Ally
  18. Hello BlueCanvas, Welcome to AS (After Silence)! I share your hope that belonging here can be of help as you work to recover and heal. Sometimes an internet site is easier than in person isn't it? I hope you will find safe and kind support here. With care, Activist Ally
  19. Hello ally Don't worry about being brave...you took a big step in joining our site and i'm glad you took the time to feel ready before moving ahead. It's okay to go at your own pace and only do what feels comfortable. I hope belonging to AS (After Silence) will be a help to you as you move forward towards healing and that we can give you some of the kind support you deserve to help you. With support, Activist Ally
  20. Hello Fantasia I'm sorry for whatever happened to you to bring you to this site, but I'm glad you found us and that AS (after silence) is here for you! I hope it helps you to belong here too! Strength to you, Activist Ally
  21. I'm glad you have included us as part of your support network and I hope AS (After Silence) will be helpful as you journey to a new area. With support, Activist Ally
  22. There is no estimated time of when the regular uploading will be fixed to my knowledge. However, the way I have been informed to upload an image for an icon is to: Here is what you do: 1. Sign up for a wordpress.com account with the same email address that you use on 'aftersilence'. 2. Once you have a wordpress account, you can upload one or more images to your Gravatar Account, one at a time. (I believe it will always ask you to crop it into an avatar-sized square.) 3. Once you open your profile pic on 'aftersilence', to edit, you simply choose the 'Gravatar' option, and it should be right there. If you have trouble finding the exact wordpress gravatar link, here it is, as I found it in a google search: Sign in to Gravatar with WordPress.com Connect https://en.gravatar.com/site/login If you want to attach images/photos to a post on a thread then: 1. open the image in a browser window, by itself. (To do that, 'right click' the image and select: 'open image in a new tab'.) 2. go to the top of that tab, and just copy the whole strand of the URL address, (the same place where you see the address of the webpage you are on - that's the URL). 3. in the 'fast reply' message box, on the 'aftersilence' website, click on the little bluish-greenish icon (11th from the left, on the bottom row - just 3 icons away from the 'numbered list' formatting icon). 4. A box will pop up, for you to insert a URL address. 5. Just paste that URL address, you copied from the address of the page you find your image on, online. (If you need to get your image uploaded to a web page, to begin with - so that you can link it to a URL address, just email the picture to yourself, then when you open it, right click it and select 'open image in a new tab' like I explained in step 1., and then follow the same following steps.)
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