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  1. I can understand why being called a survivor can feel wrong.  Some believe that our society doesn't let us be a victim and that means we can't acknowledge how truly devastating our experiences were and how painful they felt.  It's a sort of denial of the agony and suffering to quickly label us "survivors".

    This is a link to an article by psychologist Beverly Engle that I think you might find interesting on this subject   https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-compassion-chronicles/201504/when-did-victim-become-bad-word

  2. Thank you fo sharing this.  What you said has given me insight..."my moods."  I never linked together that "my moods" were more like "parts".  Very insightful and wonderful description that I think is helpful for me and others.  Thank you.

  3. I'm glad you had a decent day. :)

    I thought the same thing about the T word myself although "clinician" seems a bit too removed. I guess I like the word councelor. However you spell it.

    Sounds like you feel a little overwhelmed with meeting JJ. I hope you won't feel pressured in any way and will just take the time you need for healing and to get your feet back on the ground. If something good is meant to be there then it will be there in the future when you are feeling stronger and more stable.

    (b.t.w. it's okay to be silly - it makes life easier to take don't ya think?) :)

  4. I hope you can let them know that you still need more help and that you can either continue therapy or find a different therapist that will stay with you until you do get better.

    Remember you are a valuable person, no matter what others think or say about you or do or have done to you...you are very worthwhile.

    Activist Ally

  5. I'm sorry that you were attacked and abused like that. It wasn't your fault! You don't deserve to be treated so horribly.

    I hope the therapy will help you heal and work towards a better life.

    With support,

    Activist Ally

  6. I'm sorry that a crime was committed against you!!!

    It wasn't your fault. You are still a nice person.

    It is no use to think that if you had not accepted the drink or whatever that it would not have happened. The blame is with the criminal who attacked you, not with you!

    Now it is not a bad idea to take some precautions for anyone traveling in a foreign country, or even in one's own home town! However, no matter the clothing you were wearing, how much you drank, or whatever else can take away that the fault for a crime is with the criminal who committed it.

    I'm very sorry that you fell prey to a sub-marginal criminal. I think you are on the right path by enlisting a counselor and taking an active role in healing and by stating what you want...that you want to not live in constant fear or mistrust of all men or of intimacy. I am a man, if you did not realize, and I would like to be one of the first to tell you, it was not you to blame for the crime committed against you!!!

    I want to tell you that you can achieve your healing goals! I know that is possible. The things that hurt us do leave scars but they do not have to "take over" our lives!!!! You are a strong and intelligent person and this does not take away from your worth as a valuable human being!!!

    May all blessings and strength be with you,

    Activst Ally

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