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  1. I'm Back...

    Welcome back!
  2. Returning To After Silence

    I'm glad to hear you are now in a better place to break the silence and process things towards healing. A hearty Re-Welcome to the site!
  3. New Here...sort Of

    Welcome back and please know we are glad to support you as part of our community!
  4. Hello Hello

    Welcome back to AS (After Silence)!
  5. Hi. I'm New Here.

    Welcome to AS (After Silence)! I hope you will feel that the people of AS are sort of walking beside you (in a virtual way) with support as you continue your journey of healing and we will appreciate your support of us as well. With support, Activist Ally
  6. Hello

    Hello Mary and welcome to AS (After Silence)! I hope the site offers what you've been looking for and that it will become a small part of the kind and compassionate support you deserve as you are going through this. With support, ACtivist Ally
  7. Hello!

    Hello Angel, Yes that is perfectly understandable that you feel the need to talk about things from time to time even though you are doing well for the most part. I hope you will find that the members of AS (After Silence) are here for you during those times and of course we will very much appreciate any support you give back as well. Please do not hesitate to contact the Newbie Support Team (NST) if you have any questions or concerns. With support, Activist Ally
  8. Hi From A Newbie

    Hello and welcome to AS I'm sorry that something happened to bring you here but glad you found us. Please let the NST (Newbie Support Team) know if you need anything. With support, Activist Ally
  9. Topic Chat For New Members

    There will be a topic chat open to new members to get to know each other and have the opportunity to talk with a moderator and the NST (newbie support team) about ways to use AS (after silence) and also open to any questions you may have as a recent member here. A member must have 10 posts somewhere in the forum to be able to access chat so if you have 10 posts you're good to go and if you don't, I hope you will be able to make a few more so you can join us!!! You can reply to your own topics, reply to other people's topics, or create a new topic to count towards your 10 posts that will allow you into the chat room There will be two times that we hope will reach a wide portion of our new members. SUNDAY evening September 13th at 9pm EDT (Eastern Daylight Time) FRIDAY morning September 18th at 9am EDT (Eastern Daylight Time) Hope to see you there!!!! The time for your area will vary because of time zones so here are a couple of time zone calculator you might use to help figure out when the chats are in your local area. http://www.timeandzone.com/?gclid=CI7uioaS7scCFQIHvAodWugNJg#.VfJYHWIaySM which will tell you if the time has shifted to the next day in your area (Sunday evening in EDT will be Monday morning in other parts of the world). http://www.worldtimebuddy.com/ is just a different format but you can put the dates and times in and it will tell you the date and time in another area of the globe. So for example SUNDAY evening September 13th at 9pm EDT for four cities: New York USA 9pm Sun Sept 13th London England 2am Mon Sept 14th Riga Latvia 4am Mon Sept 14th Sydney Australia 11am Mon Sept 14th FRIDAY September 18th at 9am EDT for four cities: New York USA 9am Fri Sept 18th London England 2pm Fri Sept 18th Riga Latvia 4pm Fri Sept 18th Sydney Australia 11pm Fri Sept 18th
  10. Topic Chat For New Members

    Future sessions will be scheduled but for the moment there is none scheduled yet. Thank you for your interest!!!
  11. Hello Everyone

    Hello! I am sorry that something happened to you that brought you here but I am glad you found us. It's okay to just look around for a while before talking more and there is absolutely no pressure here. I am glad you are feeling that this is a safe and kind place and I hope you will feel very much at home as you work on healing and recovering from what brought you here...as we all walk together towards a better life. The Newbie Support Team (NST) is here to assist you if you have questions or need help with using AS (After Silence). Strength to you, Activist Ally
  12. Topic Chat For New Members

    We will be having another topic chat for new members some time in the near future. That said I welcome you to After Silence and want to let you know that if you have questions to please send me a PM (personal message) and as the Newbie Support Team Leader I will be glad to help answer them to the best of my ability. With support, Activist Ally
  13. Trying To Get Unlost

    Hello and welcome to AS (After Silence) JerseyWest!!! I'm glad that you have had the courage to join and introduce yourself here and I hope the people here can walk alongside you as you journey towards healing. You're right...there is no set time table for "getting over" things but often we must take each day for itself. I wish you the best and a warm welcome to AS. Activist Ally
  14. First Time Using A Forum

    Hello and welcome to AS (After Silence) RubyDoor! I hope this will be a place that gives you kindness and support. With care, Activist Ally
  15. I'm New Here

    Welcome to after silence Kcara! I hope you will find the people of AS welcoming and compassionate as you work to heal what has brought you here. With support, Activist Ally
  16. New Here

    Hello and welcome to AS (After silence)!!! I hope you will find some of the kind and compassionate support that you deserve to help you on your journey towards healing. Don't worry about supporting others right now and rest assured there is no quid pro quo system of help vs being helped here. Let the people of AS walk with you as we walk the path of healing together. With support, Activist Ally
  17. Hi

    Hello and welcome to AS (after silence)! I hope you can find support here to help you walk towards healing. Activist Ally
  18. Hi From The New Girl...

    Hello and welcome to AS! I hope you can find a bit of the kind and caring support you deserve from the people here to help you work towards healing. Activist Ally
  19. Hello Im New Here

    I'm sorry to hear of the abuse you suffered in the past. I hope that you will find AS to be a small part of the kind support that you deserve as you struggle to heal the wounds of your childhood trauma.
  20. New To This

    Welcome to AS
  21. New To The Forum

    Welcome to AS.
  22. Making First Contact:

    Welcome to AS.
  23. The Jounrney Of Healing

    Welcome to AS.
  24. Hi

    I'm sorry to hear you were recently attacked. I hope that you can find some good support here to help you as you try to cope.