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  1. Hey

  2. Grateful

    Hi Stephanie, welcome to AS! I hope you get the kind support you deserve here! Activist
  3. Hi

    Welcome Bill! I'm sorry you were hurt by that criminal. Strength to you, Activist
  4. Hello, I Am New Here

    Welcome to AS! i'm sorry you have reason to be here, but I'm glad you found AS! I hope you will find the caring support and kindness you deserve to help you overcome the things you have survived. Those are some great goals...to heal for yourself and to empower others!!! I'm sure you will do both!!! With support, Activist Ally
  5. Rejoined

    It's hard to say how many, I know I'm missing quite a few who used to reguarly show up but don't seem to be around any more. However, there are many still around who have found their way back.
  6. Rejoined

    Welcome back! It's good to see you again!
  7. My Story.

    I hope you can let them know that you still need more help and that you can either continue therapy or find a different therapist that will stay with you until you do get better. Remember you are a valuable person, no matter what others think or say about you or do or have done to you...you are very worthwhile. Activist Ally
  8. Hi :)

    Welcome to AS Kay! I'm sorry that happened to you. I hope you won't feel so alone with the support here on AS. With support, Activist Ally
  9. My Story.

    I'm sorry that you were attacked and abused like that. It wasn't your fault! You don't deserve to be treated so horribly. I hope the therapy will help you heal and work towards a better life. With support, Activist Ally
  10. I'm very sorry those criminals did that to you. Welcome to AS, I hope you will get the kind and caring support you deserve. Strength and hope to you, Activist Ally
  11. My Story

    I'm sorry that a crime was committed against you!!! It wasn't your fault. You are still a nice person. It is no use to think that if you had not accepted the drink or whatever that it would not have happened. The blame is with the criminal who attacked you, not with you! Now it is not a bad idea to take some precautions for anyone traveling in a foreign country, or even in one's own home town! However, no matter the clothing you were wearing, how much you drank, or whatever else can take away that the fault for a crime is with the criminal who committed it. I'm very sorry that you fell prey to a sub-marginal criminal. I think you are on the right path by enlisting a counselor and taking an active role in healing and by stating what you want...that you want to not live in constant fear or mistrust of all men or of intimacy. I am a man, if you did not realize, and I would like to be one of the first to tell you, it was not you to blame for the crime committed against you!!! I want to tell you that you can achieve your healing goals! I know that is possible. The things that hurt us do leave scars but they do not have to "take over" our lives!!!! You are a strong and intelligent person and this does not take away from your worth as a valuable human being!!! May all blessings and strength be with you, Activst Ally
  12. New To The Site/forum

    Ok. That is a new feature on this site, recently there was a big crash. But I'll try to find yours.
  13. New To The Site/forum

    Welcome to AS! i'm sorry you have reason to join but I'm glad you found us! It's okay to remain anonymous, most people do and it is recommended for safety to just use a name, like you've chosen Hope2013. You can share more on the boards that are not public. I hope you find the support and kindness you deserve here. Activist Ally
  14. Trying To Start

    That's good!
  15. Hi New Again...

    Welcome Moiradiane! Good to see you! The word speak is not orange for me either. But I'm glad you are working on these things to heal further. No matter what age you are this still can have a big effect! So, don't feel that you are somehow less because you are still effected by what happened! Please be kind to yourself!
  16. Trying To Start

    Welcome to AS RabbitDude! I'm sorry you have reason to be here but I'm glad you found AS! I hope you will find support and safety here as you go through your healing journey! It's good to meet you!
  17. Hi Everyone.....

    Welcome back DOA! Good to see you again!
  18. Hi I'm New

    Hi Sara! I hope you will be able to find your voice here and get the kind support you deserve. Activist Ally
  19. Hello I'm New

    Welcome to AS! I am sorry you have reason to be here but I'm glad you found us! I hope you find safe support here! Activist Ally
  20. Fb Design

    Definitely not! We are looking to re-design the forum soon and we will hopefully be able to re-create a skin as similar as our old one as possible. The upgrade changed so many of the board's features that the old skins became all incompatible. I don't personally like Luminous very much but I don't see a resemblance with FB. I don't even have a personal FB page though so I'm not the best frame of reference. That is great news Vera!!! I loved the...I think it was called "Spring Fling" skin from before. Thank you so much for putting the site back together!!!
  21. Hi. Had To Rejoin

    Hi Chant! So good to see you!!! Welcome back!!!
  22. Lets Dance Now That As Is Back!

    ((((NMH)))) :hug: