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  1. hi MOlly you're sweet with your kind comments to my posts
  2. hi, I am also new... welcome here...
  3. thanks brobbitt. Maybe I need to remind me of this - that feelings don't get lost.
  4. I understand - that knowing the person in the hole needs help is the start for everything else. how can you be so sure that those feelings cannot be taken away?
  5. strange. just thought it rather doesn't affirm faith in humanity at all. because of the separateness. or what if one just would go away and not want to help, because it is just too much? when one hasn't any empathy at all? Because all the feelings are dead?
  6. yes, but as long as one isn't strong enough the person remains in the hole until one is strong enough or someone else comes for empathy. It is just this helplessness. sorry to hear it made you shed some tear.
  7. what when you see that one in the hole and this brings you so down that you totally don't know what to say. And you really can't help, because the hole is so deep and it is depressing to see that again someone is in there? That you see that one in the whole but that makes you so sad that you are not able to be of help and that you can't help makes you even more sad? Because you feel you actually should help, but you feel not strong enough.
  8. hi am new, but a lil shy and not so good with talking ..... just wanted to say hi
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