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  1. Thank you every one for your very kind words , Andrew .
  2. Hello everyone , it has been awhile since I have logged onto AS , my progress in coming to terms with my CSA is still on going , I can now feel at ease talking to some friends and family . Thank you ,Andrew .
  3. Hi Bob , welcome back , like yourself I have been on AS for sometime but due to technical issues it appears I have just joined , there are some fantastic people here who will soon become friends , cheers Andrew ...
  4. Welcome to AS Karigan and Paige, I know you will both find support and friendship as I have , take care Andrew .
  5. Thank you so much for your very kind welcome Chantel and Maley , take care , Andrew .
  6. Hi JustDez, WELCOME to AS , Take care , Andrew .
  7. Hello again to all of the members here new and old , I have been a member here for some time ,unfortunately my previous posts were lost in the "crash" , I have met some wonderful friends here on AS , I am still dealing with my abuse which occurred when I was 8 years old until I was 11 years old . Thank you everyone , Andrew ....
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