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  1. New Okie To Site........

    Hi, my name is Denene and I am a 47 year old adult woman that was sexually assaulted December 11th, 2010 by a family friend. I grew up with his children and his family and my family was always together. We would go to their house when growing up to eat and the children would all play together. I went to school with his children and even his son and daughter was in our wedding. He was to auction a house that I grew up in off this day, I never got closure to the house, and this was the house that we lived in when my father passed away. I needed closure before the house sold again. I contacted him the night prior to ask and he said come at 8:30-9:00am and he would be there. I was planning and my hopes to walk through the house put closure to it and that was it. I though got sexually assaulted instead in that home. The memories of good are gone now at least for now and only the memories of what happened that December morning is in that home for me. I reported it to the Sheriff Dept. and they sent to the OSBI (Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation), It finally went to the District Attorney's office but due to the conflict of interest due to the son of the one that assaulted me is the Assistant District Attorney so then it has to be re-assigned to another district. Finally this happened and now for one reason or another the district where it is sitting on it. I think next two weeks I will know more on what is going to happen with the case close to 1 year later but could be worse I know. I have been going to counseling but the place had budget cuts so I am not getting any counseling there anymore. I had gone to the women's shelter but they are so flakey and have accused me of it too. I have been going to group therapy and more than 3 times now in a short time I would be on my way a 20-30 min drive to it and would be almost there and they would call or text me or would let me know when I got there that it would be a closed meeting for those living at the shelter ONLY! They wait till the last minute to notify me and with the gas prices and I don't work and can't work due to disability that isn't related to the assault and don't have money to waste on gas to drive there and for no reason and have to drive all the way home again. I am right now trying to survive and be my own therapist, I am reading "Courage To Heal" & working in the workbook as well, plus just got the book "After The Trauma" workbook AWESOME! I highly recommend both of these books!! I can't afford counseling it is $125 the first time and then after anywhere from $80-$100.00 and with being limited on income I am looking for some place that will take what I can give for sessions or etc till I can find out if I can get approved for Victims Compensation to help get my therapy sessions paid for by the state, and also meds for my PTSD. I went to the one place where they said budget cuts, I did get diagnosed with PTSD, I also am getting medications to help with my PTSD, Anxiety, panic attacks and depression and sleep meds to help me be able to sleep and help with the nightmares that I have nightly. Well I feel I am rattling on and on. If you would like to respond to me personally I can be reached Denene_Harper@Hotmail.com and I have a blog you can check out as well if you like it can be found at: http://denene-harper.blogspot.com/