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    I live in cali
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    I love my job, I work with kids its an after school program. I enjoy writing my friends and journaling....OO I love to sing along while I play my gutiar.

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  1. Hey you guys!! Im so happy I have the internet again! I was in Nevada for a week in some resort which was the coolest thing that I have ever seen! Not the resort but the view of the hills covered in snow and the random dear that would pop out of bushes and just stare at you until you move.... then they would run away. Nevada was the perfect get away, just wish that it could have been longer. I had some much time to think up there, just about life and how I can get through this, this being the abuse and all the things that I have been through. Im going to be okay. Thats what I keep telling myself. And if any of you are prayer people I sure could use some. Uhmm I toldjlt and Jlt I was going to post some pictures BUT I HAVE NO CLUE HOW!! SO if any of you can guide me how that would be great I have some WONDERFUL pictures I would love to show you all. Hope your days has been going well God bless. ~Bianca~
  2. Bianca

    Hi Everyone

  3. Ardatha WOW thanks I havent even heard of half of those! lol
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    HI there freespirit! im so glad you found us! its awesome here! Bianca
  5. Hi honey im am so glad that you found this site... these people here are full of advise and love they surely can help you. Bianca
  6. Bianca


    Hi honey glad you can join us. Bianca
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