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  1. Facing The Facts, Getting Support

    Thank you i really appreciate that~ I will be around, alot! even if i am not always posting, im reading and processing, hoping that other stories help me understand mine I can feel the love around here!
  2. Facing The Facts, Getting Support

    I am getting new memories and dreams regularly now, so i feel i dont know how to share my story, its as if i only know a third of it. After reading many others i know i am in the right place. I guess its still hard to speak it. Ive shared with my husband and my choir director whos appointed herself my surrogate mommy. Love her to death. Shes researching books and we are going to read em together. I feel she is really going to be there for me. Part of me is still really not wanting to go down this road. But theres no where else to go. I want freedom. Not denial. Thanks for the friend invite, ill add u if i can figure out how! lol.
  3. Facing The Facts, Getting Support

    Hello, Ive been looking for a place thats in depth enough to handle my story. I need a lot of healing. I need new and supportive friends. Taking baby steps. Reading everything i can get my hands on. My bottom line in all this is i could live the next 25 years of my life free from my defence mechanisms. Theyve been running my life. I want a real life, im excited to get freedom!