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  1. Still Numb.... I Think

    What your feeling is normal, it took me a while to be able to do anything. I did not want to talk or eat or move. I sat in a chair and i rocked back and forth. Finally i got angry so angry, at something a newspaper had published and lashed out. I screamed i slamed doors i threw books at a wall. Then i felt so much better. Beacuse i was able to see i had feelings still. Slowly i got back other feelings. I still have anger issues though. But getting angry may help you. I dont think if i had gotten angry if i would have started to feel better. Idk how to explained why it help but just saying there was an emotion other than utter dispare was the greatest thing even if i was sooo mad. Try throwing things, i went out and got eggs and threw them at the road out side my appt the other day because i was mad and that helped. Perhaps try that? Let your self be angry and break things like eggs It has only been a week. It took a month to post here. I hope you get better if you need to talk you can pm me i dont mind <3
  2. Hey There

    I have been for a while. Just now getting the courage to post. I was really scared for a while. But here i am. You all seam like great people and so helpful. <3