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  1. HI I love this idea too, this is a lot like something we do with the children at nursery. At nursery each child writes a note to say what 'big ted' (nursery bear) has done, this could be echo'd in a thread maybe about what the bear does or means to us whilst it is with us maybe? ~ just an idea, anyhow would love to participate too Dawn
  2. HI Welcome to AS I think that your friend is lucky to have a friend like you. It is sad that there are so many survivors of sexual abuse in this world, but i guess at least we know we are not alone. Your friend is not alone. Just to pick up on something you said in your post.: It is NOT your fault at all, its one of thoise things that are hard to detect, in many instances of abuse we are groomed and often threatened so as surivivors we learn to hide things. This is sad, sad, but also a fact in a few 'communities', awareness is increasing but in the meantime it does not help many survivors. My advice to your friend would be to go and see a counsellor, as talking helps, and it often helps to talk to someone who is not involved personally or emotionally in your life... would you friend come here to AS? My advice to you would be to take things slowly with her , don't push her into talking, listen to her when she wants to talk, reassure her when she wants reasurance and tell her how much she means to you as a friend, and that you will always be there for her. Take care Dawn
  3. thanks for that, i think i sometimes forget that numbness and emptiness is in itself a feeling and that they mask the deeper feelings.... i kind of get so absorbed in my immediate feelings that i can't see deeper and i don't know what they mean to me. Dawn
  4. Thanks for the welcome, and yep of course you can all call me Dawn.... Dawn
  5. Hi Many of you will remember me as having the username Dawn, i left here because i felt overwhelmed, and not in a great place. I now realise leaving was a hasty decision... so, sorry moderators and admin for putting you through the hassle of unregistering me, only for me to come back less than two weeks later. Im not sure if i deserve to be back here, but i feel i still need you all. There's a whole lot more to say, but that's a whole other post. so here i find myself using the username invisable, cos that is simply how i feel. Dawn
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