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  1. What Did You Do For You Today?

    Went for a three hour ride on my horse, it was AWESOME
  2. Me too, I thought it was just my work computer.
  3. Hello My Name Is Jaime

    Hi Jamie; hope you are able to find some peace within yourself while you are here. One of the things my T has me do is journal, but I find that I get alot of it out on here and I am not so anxious because I am not carrying around a notebook that I could lose track of and somebody else could read. This place has felt like family to me for the short time that I have been here. I hope it helps you too.
  4. Silent No More

    Thanks Jenn, sometimes being an officer isn't always easy.
  5. New To The Site

    Welcome. I am new here too; joined a couple of days ago and already feel less alone. I have found the people on here to be very kind and supportive. Leigh
  6. Silent No More

    Thanks everyone. Having a rough day, my emotions are everywhere and am very confused at this point.
  7. Silent No More

    Obviously I am new here and just wanted to say hi to everyone. I have a wonderful "T" but have found reading this site very helpful too. I was nine when my first SA happened and my last was at 19; I am 41 now. I never told a soul, my T says that I had this buried so deep I never even thought about it until it all came crashing down. This past March I was triggered after listening to my son's girlfriend who needed someone to talk to. I started drinking heavily and shut out family and friends. Although this young lady was only 17 at the time, she encouraged me to get help along with two other wonderful friends. I am working through it; but like others I have good and bad days. These thoughts consume pretty much every waking moment. I am in law enforcement and deal with people like this, most of the time I want to curl up in a ball and cry or shoot them. I find it easier to talk and get it out, I just need someone to listen when no one else will.