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  1. Female Chat

    Can you access them on tablets or smartphones? Password is always only accepted on my laptop...
  2. I'm A Newbie Too

    Thank you so much for your warm welcome! I'm still surprised how big this forum is and how many topics it has it's gonna take me a wee while to read the lot *lol* And about my English: thanks, sometimes I just think it doesn't make sense ^^ Well I know sometimes it sounds funny, especially when I don't really think how I wanna say things. Mainly when I'm on my meds or really jazzed
  3. I'm A Newbie Too

    hello there, I just joined this Community because I need a safe place to write about and discuss things I'm still trying to cope with... I'm German, so English is not my first langauge (and for that, please excuse if I make stupid mistakes or write things which may be misunderstood ) and I used to write in German communites quite frequently until I found out that so-called friends and my ex-boyfriend were reading and answering my posts, too, without telling me that they knew it was me... So, now I'm having a go on another forum... I was raped about 3 years ago but experienced other abuse in my past relationships as well and I'm still struggling a lot. Been in therapy but haven't managed to go through all things yet and I didn't get any more sessions granted so I'm all by myself at the moment... well, that's a bit about me...