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  1. welcome.......... I'm new too, and am finding it really helpful to start to understand I'm not alone. It makes a lot of difference. Even if you don't post, you can get a lot from just reading posts and responses of others.......and applying it to yourself. But it is nice to have a place to express your own feelings, and ask for input from others who struggle from the same issues. It is helping me to understand and validate my own emotions, which is a step in a healthy direction. hope it will be helpful to you, too.......
  2. thank you for the welcome, Blossums. I really like the quote on the bottom of your note. I feel like the risk and discomfort of choosing to try to walk toward healing is kind of that way. As if the 'real' part of me has been hiding or trapped inside self protective walls, fears, and lack of understanding of the truth. And maybe as I work on those things, a new bit inside will be free to come out of hiding. Tell me about your thoughts in choosing the quote and name........ hopeforpeace
  3. this is my first post.....I'm glad to find your site. I'm 49, and have recently 'discovered' via my husband listening to me talk about my dreams, that I was sexually abused by my father as a child. this came as a real surprise....I guess because I repressed it so well........it does explain a lot about my huge well of hurt inside, my sensitivities, nightmares, difficulties with feelings, struggles with what is real vs not real. Even though it is nice to have a reason for all that, I continue to have a BIG problem accepting, believing, making a connection between my emotions, my 'little girl inside', and my brain....taking in the story and making logical sense of it, feeling compassion for myself, understanding, healing. It is wreaking havoc on me emotionally, on my marriage, my husband emotionally, and my family of origin. The pain and upheaval all make me wonder sometimes if I wasn't so crazy just trying to mess with my reality, and protect myself from my feelings. Though therapists and books encourage feeling my feelings and letting them be there...........I can't help but notice that the result is like a giant earthquake. It is comforting to see that other people struggle with this memory/reality fogginess. I hope to understand all this better by hearing from others here..........and I hope for peace --inside myself at least.
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