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  1. Hi Hope1017 I have shared the facts with only the closest to me...it has helped some, but I am not sure where to get counseling for this.. I am not even sure of all the problems it may have caused me over the years, but I know I have serious problems trusting anyone but my son, any ideas or knowledge you have regarding counseling will sure help if not thats ok, Thank you for hearing....needtobeheard
  2. Thanks to all of you who are so kind to reply...its nice for people to hear.. needtobeheard
  3. Hi Found; Thank you for your kindness, it happened to me a long time ago..I am still suffering mental problems at times I hate that no one helped me or even 'heard' me. (I didn't know I wasn't supposed to put details in the welcome area..sorry about that. ) I just found this website and thought "at last" maybe I can talk to others who have indured the same horror that I suffered and together we can over come the hate, confusion and feelings that it was somehow my own fault.. which by the way I have pretty much over come that one about it being my fault...if you feel like it tell me your stor
  4. I am a survivor of rape by several at one time, this happened to me over thirty five years ago, when I was only twentytwo years old, or maybe twentythree, not sure now...the dates fade but the act just doesn't ever go away, I wish it would. I went to tell the cops, a friend who was an x cop and others, but nothing happened. So, over the years I had to learn to deal with it myself. I eventually remarried, and I have a son. He is now thirtyfive and a pure joy, but we can't talk about this, he gets too angry at the men who did it to me and I need to hear from others, how the cope and how they
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