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  1. Can't stop crying...prefered the days I couldn't cry...ohwell, getting nice pretty nails done in an hour ready for my friends wedding Saturday :)

  2. brilliant! will print this off tonight, thank you so much for sharing
  3. looks like a lot of hard work has gone into getting AS's new look. well done to the guys who worked hard on it...might take me a while to find way around this new look...I'm not good with technical stuff, lol!

  4. oooo, another horse person hello
  5. I feel so fucking angry at you today! You fucking wanker!!! oops 10...count that as 2 posts....
  6. Welcome I've not long been on here, but I can say the members are lovely and supportive, so I'm sure you will have a good bunch of people to help you through your healing
  7. hobbit86


    Hi there, new to this, not ready to share anything on here, but joined so I can look for ways to help. Hope that's ok.
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