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  1. Hello freespirit, Welcome to After Silence. I'm so glad you have found your way here. This is such a wonderful group of friends and support for the toughest times in our lives or for the best times of our lives! The people are here supporting us 100% and it is just amazing. Welcome and make yourself at home! ~Ellie Mae
  2. Dear Cherry, Welcome to After Silence. This is such a great place to come and share our stories and recieve support in our daily lives as we move on and press forward in this journey called life. I'm so glad you found us here! Welcome! ~Ellie Mae
  3. EllieMae


    Dear Sue Ellen, Welcome to After Silence. This is a wonderful community of support and I have found it greatly helpful to talk with others who understand my experience. I'm glad you found us! Make yourself at home. ~Ellie Mae
  4. Dear Alex, Welcome to After Silence. I am glad that you are out of the situation now, but I understand too that being in foster families can be hard as well. I hope you find the support and love you need here on After Silence. You're worth it! Take good care of you hon. ~Ellie Mae
  5. Hello Littleseahorse, I'm so glad that you have taken that next step in introducing yourself. Welcome to After Silence and I do hope you find the compassion and grace here that I have. It's an amazing group of survivors and I'm very honored that you have joined us in our journey together. Good luck and God bless. ~Ellie Mae
  6. Hello Mara, Welcome to After Silence. We always say welcome, but really, I wish no one else ever had to be welcomed to one of these forums. But since that will never happen, I'm so glad that you've found AS and I hope you find some encouragement and strength in the words others have to say. ~Ellie Mae
  7. Hey PJ, We've chatted a bit but I wanted to reply to your post here. I am so grateful that you have chosen to come to the room and give a voice to the male survivors who are too scared or to ashamed to speak. As a female survivor, I need males to come forward and show me that I'm not alone, that abuse knows no gender, it knows no age and it knows no love. Thank you for being brave in coming here. I look forward to speaking with you more. ~Ellie Mae
  8. Hello Stephanie, Welcome to After Silence. Thank you for sharing a bit of your story. It truly does help others when they hear that they are not alone. Bless you in your mission to shine a light into those dark secrets. ~Ellie Mae
  9. Hello ChowCanada, Welcome to After Silence! Your analogy is so right on. Thank you for that beautiful insight to what I've wanted to say for so long. Hon, you're a survivor - that means you've already overcome, now comes the part where we allow ourselves to believe it. You're right where you need to be. Be patient with you. ~Ellie Mae
  10. Hello Cliffwalker, I'm so glad that you've found your way to these boards. After Silence seems like such an amazing place to be. I think it's awesome that we, as survivors, have a place to come where we know we will be understood and welcome with open arms and unconditional understanding. Welcome! ~Ellie Mae
  11. Hi Helen, Welcome to After Silence. I'm so glad you've found your way here. May your journey be a beautiful one of change and healing. Your name - "Beautifully Broken" has such an incredible meaning to me. Thank you for blessing my life today. ~Ellie Mae
  12. Thank you everyone for your kind welcome. It is nice to know that there are others out there who understand the need for support and compassion when going through the healing process. Thank you. ~Ellie Mae
  13. Hello, I am pretty new here. I registered quite a while back but forgot how to get back here. Silly me. Well, I'm Ellie Mae and I'm an abuse survivor. I just recently moved 900 miles away from my abusers and have started therapy with a brand new therapist. It's true...wherever you go there you are. I'm still stuck with me, so I'm on a mission to find the true me that was buried by those who robbed me of my innocense. I hope to make the best of my time here and I hope to get to know others who struggle with the same things I do. Thanks for being here and for speaking out. ~Ellie Mae
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