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  1. Welcome back Leah! It is exciting to read some of the fun new things you are doing and that it seems you have come far on your healing journey. You bet that we members of AS will be here to help support you as you go even further ahead and we gladly appreciate the support and inspiration you can offer us too! So good to see you again! Activist Ally Thank you all so much!! I almost forgot how absolutely welcoming AS is. You are all so kind
  2. Welcome to AS, Aneta! I'm Leah I've been a member of the boards for a while but I had a long hiatus and just came back from it. I've found so much help and love and kindness here, and I hope you find it too. I hope you find healing and happiness, because you deserve it
  3. Thank you, Mary! I'm so glad you've found help here. AS is such a great place! Best wishes!
  4. Hello, everyone! I don't know if anyone will remember me, since it's been a few years since I last posted, but I'm Leah, and I stopped posting a while back because I hit a busy/good patch in my life where I was handling things outside of the forum. I am a 12 year survivor of CSA and I've come a long way since I joined After Silence. When I joined the forum, I had just started therapy and I wanted a place to talk to other survivors. Now, I'm no longer regularly going to therapy, I'm almost 21, and I'm in college. I've entered a relationship for the first time with an amazing guy who helps me s
  5. Hey, welcome to AS! I hope you find everything you need here. I absolutely love your name, by the way. (From Wicked? If not it's a good name anyway. Haha)
  6. Welcome to AS! I hope you find everything you need to heal here.
  7. Hi Lauryn Welcome to AS! I wish you the best in your recovery and healing.
  8. Hi, welcome to AS :] I just wanted to say that there is always hope, no matter how dark things may seem. I wish you the best!
  9. Hi everyone, my name's Leah and I'm proud to call myself a survivor. I disclosed slightly over a year and a half ago, so this realm of myself is still new and a bit raw. I've wanted to get in touch with other survivors for a while now, and what better idea than here? :] I hope I can learn a lot from you guys and, in turn, help some people out.
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