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  1. Hi Im Silentlady

    Welcome to AS I'm really sorry for the reason you are here but I'm so glad you can come here for support Hugs if ok
  2. New, Lost & A Bit Unsure

    Welcome to AS I hope you feel welcome here
  3. Maybe I Was Lucky

    Don't ever let anybody undermine what you went through! Like everyone else is saying, they will never know how it feels unless it has happened to them. I'm here to support you, just like everyone else So glad you found AS
  4. Hello :)

    Hey Suzanne! I'm so glad you have found this place After Silence is great, I hoep you feel welcome here. Sarah
  5. Liberation Was There...

    Thankyou for posting this Its a great story
  6. There Are Not Enough Words....

    You are so gorgeous Your words just made my day This site has helped me so much and its people like you posting on here that make it as good as it is. Thankyou