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  1. Alicenomore, found, blossums, becky,sambucca I really appreciate the warm welcomes, have had a hard time since I joined, I couldn't even remember being here A little embarrassed I look forward to getting to know everyone, thank you
  2. I joined a bit ago. Can't remember when. Tried to sign up and realized I had an account already. I was part of another forum about fifteen years but now its gone. Lost funding I guess. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed trying to deal with everyday chores. Things that should be easy plus trying to work through all this garbage. I need help so bad bit also so scared. Please, treat me favorably Sawa
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    I use to goto the survivors forum, I had been using the site since 1998 but a few months ago they couldnt make payments for the site so its been shut down. I was hoping to see people I know but if not new Friends are ok too. I just really need some support You know it shows when a boss of four days tells you to get help
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