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  1. Hi and welcome here. I am a new member myself - hope you find support and encouragement here. I understand what it is like to fear being near other men, a problem I have struggled with for a few years now - take care Kezzie
  2. Thanks for that ... I know it is a long time since I said "hi". Been struggling since then, sorry. But I have actually told my therapist that I was sexually abused. This is a really big step for me, like I am sure it is for everyone, but it has made me feel more vulnerable. Kezzie
  3. Hi, I am new too! Glad you had that programme. Kezzie
  4. Thank you for your welcome Kezzie
  5. Hi, I registered this week, and have come here to say hi. I am Kezzie, 30, female. I am finding admitting my past very hard, and tend to approach things academically (which means what I post tends to sound unemotional), as that is the way I cope. So wanted to apologise for that. Kezzie
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