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    South of Narnia :)
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    performing arts, God, friends, family. <br />reading, music, Shakespeare, blogging. <br />Swing dancing. my pet fish Jimmy :) <br /><br />not much of a TV watcher. I love Praise and Worship music, Indie Music, Classical (Vivaldi, Eniuadi, Tchaikovsky) Show tunes :)

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  1. amnk

    Hi I'm New :)

    thank you so much for welcoming me and keeping me in your thoughts everyone. this week has definitely been difficult, as my body and mind seem to be coming to terms with what happened. i know in time things will improve though, hopefully so.
  2. hi, I'm Ariel, 18. I just wanted to stop by and say a hello. I came across the facebook page and was very encouraged. I was raped this past week and am def struggling with a lot of feelings, as the county has assigned me a therapist, who isn't very therapeutic -shrugs-, but i am switching to a different one... I am so encouraged by this site. that's all, thanks all ariel
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