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    Nelson Pendle Lancs
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    Music, films, reading, writing, spending time with my partner *lynx*<br />

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  1. Rune Tune


    Hi Nikki Pleased you came darlin' Just take your time and get to know your way around. There are some fantastic people here who I'm sure will help you through. :hug:
  2. Added to that - we also were in the back bedroom that had the one set of stairs leading up from the kitchen area another day - and we were jumping about on the bed. From our point of view - Bed collapsed, we ran. From adults downstairs point of view - heard crash, ran upstairs to see children hightailing it out of the bedroom, trying to pretend it wasn't us! Actually, I don't think there were quite as upset by it as they made out at the time lol
  3. Watching our Chow Cross Retriever dog going off at a certain time in the day - to sit in the middle of the road when the evening works bus on its way back with a load of workers from the power station (as mentioned by IHMI), stop the bus, wait about 5 minutes with a stupid look on his face, and the mini bus load of blokes sat there petrified of this hairy mutt and refusing to get out and try to move him....... knowing eventually he would decide the fun was over, move out of the way and let them go on home! Or - I am surprised sis you haven't mentioned this - how about your black cat (Pye) who
  4. Just wanted to let you know, IHMIT and myself haven't neglected this thread, but we had a little family emergency that has meant we haven't really been online - and when we've had time, it was only enough to go through emails etc and not post anywhere. We hope normal service will be resumed in the next couple of days.
  5. I wondered what to add, and decided on this one for today. Cowboys and Indians - And because we were fortunate enough to have some ponies, we could play it for "real". Even better was we had a coloured pony - Who was mine! Downside..... The Indians always lost, and because it was my pony I always got made The Indian! And all I ever wanted was to be the cowboy! Still, it was great fun!
  6. My memory - Simply handling a new born lamb and being able to help feed it and keep it alive until it was strong enough to go out into the big wide world on its own for the first time (and it never lost its magic after that first time).
  7. Thanks Lindy and Mermaid. Lina - Sorry - Not enough to share around.
  8. lol yep Lynx *my misses* and I are the people who run MJ Net and SL Net. As for Simone, sorry we have first dib's on her and Mandana.
  9. Thanks for the welcomes *again*. Thought you might like my avatar sis - although events that have kicked off have meant we haven't had a chance to see IG2 yet Perhaps we might go later today. See how Lynx feels.
  10. Thanks for the welcomes - Its finally good to say hello properly.
  11. Hi everyone, I think its only fair I say hello and try to spend a little time on the board. I am a survivor, my partner (Lynx) is also a board member and has found this place to be a real haven in times of need, and I am also Ihavemadeit's sister *I hope you followed that* I don't know how much I will be around here, but I have seen all the good this place has done in the past, and it really is a great haven for so many people. So, hello and thank you all rolled into one.
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