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  1. I am new also , it does help to be able to tell others and get support.
  2. mjfree

    New Here

    Thanks I wasn't really brave He was about to have an affair He was talking to another woman and I found his text message to her so the night I found out I just blurted it all out That every man had hurt me he ended it with her and we are trying He is really trying to help., so glad I told Him.
  3. mjfree

    New Here

    Thank You for this site, Think I posted in the wrong place first. I really need a place to share what happened to me 40+ years ago, I have never told anyone until a month ago I told my husband. We all need to encourage others and to help each other.Feel like my world has fell apart and has been destroyed.
  4. mjfree

    New Here...

    New Here ,Thanks for this support I have just began my journey of dealing with what happened to me 30+ years ago feel so alone at times so unsure of what the future holds wish I had told someone years ago have only told my husband now feel like I cheated us out of life, It was an older brother who did this to me and He was so controling over my life I was scared to tell and so ashamed of what he did How can we hide it to where it don't even seem like it happened but you know all your life it did. So much has happened this past month I just hope I can get free from all the hurt and hurt, does anyone ever tell their grown children? what happened in the past or do you just keep it to yourself has anyone told them?I want to share my complete story later it helps so much to talk about it here. So lost right now.
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