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  1. Kams

    New Here...

    Thank-you too everyone here! It helps having a very supportive group of people that have been thru and survived the same things. I am very greatful to have found this site. To those that have just started dealing with their own situations, as I have, one thing that I learned is that we are still here. No one broke us. You are still you and still living every day. To those that hurt us... We are still here and surviving! We do have each other for support...
  2. Hello.. I just found this site a few days ago.. I am just starting to deal with my rape that happened when I was 13, 15, and at 18. I am now 32. I have been telling myself I am OKay and I can get thru this... needless to say, we all need help at sometime, and I know that I need help to get thru this... I will write more again soon...
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