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  1. Hi AJ Welcome to AS, I also am in the same area and I have yet to hear of any such thing as far as support groups in the area as I also have searched.. and I think there should be.. I think they should be everywhere! I would love to get involved in such a thing, if it were to be allowed as I unfortanately am a male
  2. cervantes

    New Also

    Hey Pink! I am so glad you found this place.. banana says he's glad you found this place too!! I am so glad for your friends mom!! she is awesome also!! Know that you will find friends and understanding here that you may never find elseware!! People who know your confusion and pain, the difficulties of loving and trusting, here you will find others exactly like yourself who are going to offer understanding, comfort, healing and hope Tim
  3. WAAAAAAHHHH... Your gonna be gone -ish Enjoy your downtime ... We'll miss you!
  4. Hey Jaida! : -) Welcome! Thanks for joining the team I started posting w a few light humored posts til I found that the water was not only fine but warm and welcoming... so I dove right in! lol.. we're just people just like you... Hope to hear from you soon! : -)
  5. Hi Jess : -) welcome to AS, You'll find some of the most understanding, caring and supportive people here you could ever meet! Sorry you have a reason to be here.. but always glad to hear about another perp going to jail. Also the anxiety/trust thing.. I think most if not all of us here suffer from that to some degree, understandably it sounds quite normal to the circumstance. Tim
  6. HI Amber! : -) welcome to AS! Here you'll find some of the best, understanding and caring people you'll ever meet! Don't worry bout the shy and nervous thing, as I'm the same way.. but you'll quickly see how safe and welcoming this place is... : -) Tim
  7. What is this? some way to steal all the members here?... This is way off... Makes me sick and angry.. HELL NO!! WE WON'T GO!!!
  8. Soo... what your saying is that WE'RE supposed to feel horrible and like rotten people right now for YOUR assumptions? Are we mindreaders? Who are you? Why are you here other than spam advertisements? Did you purposely intend on offending? You can not blame us for being sensitive, emotional people who've felt violated by your action... yet I'm feeling even more aggitated of you attempting to lay a guilt trip on us... instead of just appologizing for your lack of finesse and tactfullness. Tim p.s. I'm sorry you are a victim also..
  9. LOL!! This one is funnier than the other ones I find... not only cause it was copy and pasted 17 times but it just sounds so insinscere and such a huge croc 'o sh*t to start! LOL to morons!!! CHEERS After posting this I found I misspelled insinscere... still doesn't look right... So... again... LOL to morons!!!
  10. cervantes

    New One

    Welcome Jes... This site has some of the most understanding and caring people you will ever meet... I'm sorry you have a reason to be here, but you will find this place very safe and friendly... and am glad you are here to join us in our journey to recovery Your friend Tim
  11. cervantes

    New Here

    Sorry you have to be here Tim, I look forward to getting to know you By the way, you have the most awesomest name ever created!!!! Sincerely, Tim
  12. Welcome CharmedQuark, I'm also a male survivor of long-term childhood abuse, struggling with similiar issues. I hope that you stay whereas we may become good friends. All of the above people and more are the best understanding and compassionate people you will ever find! Your friend, Tim
  13. cervantes


    Freeman I'm sorry you had to suffer in silence for so long. Don't let these girls push you around! 'kiddin' Seriously, this is perhaps the best place you could have found for understanding and support. All of the people above and many more have shown nothing but understanding support and compassion! And I too am looking forward in talking with you. Tim
  14. I would just like to thank everyone who replied and made me feel welcome. I was sceptical at first if I would find similarities as there are few men here. But I was wrong. It's actually staggering to find out in fact how much in common I have w many of the members here. The idea of gender being an issue evaporates in the realization that we are not just male and female, we are survivors. At least for me anyway. Thanks, Tim
  15. Firstly, I'm a 27 yr male, noticing it appears most of the members here are women, I'm expecting you all to hate me right off the bat! But regardless, it's a sense of relief after all these years of feeling alone to see so many other survivors actively supporting others. So, I'm currently "testing the waters".
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