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  1. New!

    Thank you guys! And talking about it is okay, actually listening to what Im typing/saying is hard for me. If that makes sense. Talking through the triggers and problems from the incident also causes severe problems for me. (Shaking, crying, etc.) Im lurking around the forums right now, lots of good stuff I see. I cant describe the words that I feel for the people who have lived through things worse than me, its truly amazing. And I have the utmost respect for all of you. And the fact that you can look your fears in the eyes. I have been able to want/talk about my triggers completely.
  2. New!

    Thank you very much! :D Its surprising what people have gone through and how much they have survived. I am astonished.
  3. New!

    Hi, name is Sam. Im 21. Im new! I went ahead and posted my story. (Of course without shaking was nearly impossible.) I look forward to getting on the right path and trying to heal from all of this, and maybe Ill feel comfortable in my body eventually. I admire all of you, and have a deep respect for all of you for joining and helping others. Maybe Ill reach that point, hopefully in the future.