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  1. Hey all. Hope ur all well. As the title says, im new here. I dont want to to well into my story of what happend to me fully yet but basically my father sexually abused me when i was a child, i can only remember a couple of times but my flash backs and memories point towards it being more just not sure how much more. I have been through the legal system but they didnt help much, because it was a historical case there wasnt any evidence and they couldnt do anything. I lost a lot of family members because of the whole situation and since he was told nothing would happen to him, he has admitted it to my brother that he did abuse me. I have sort of moved on and got over some of it but it still lingers in the back of my mind and because we live in a small town i bump into him quite a lot which really winds me up. I have moved on in certain areas of my life, like ive met someone who truely understands the horrors i went through, we are engaged to be married and we have a 18 month old son together. He is our little star! I will tell my full story at some point. But its long winded and very complicated. I just feel like i need a little support sometimes when i dont feel like i want to talk face to face with anyone. And id also like to be there for someone else who has been through something simular x
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