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  1. Welcome to After Silence
  2. Hi Rhea, i'm pretty new here as well i find everyone on here is very supporting though and i'm happy you found this site too! i'm here if you ever want to message me
  3. I definitely regret reporting what happened to me. The guy was someone who was known to police already because of stabbing someone and there was a warrant out for arrest. Unfortunately, he got off free because of lack of evidence. So I guess it's my fault that i was too scared to report him, because thats how they made me feel.
  4. Thanks everyone and Judith thanks for the suggestion i'll definitely check out that book
  5. Thank you very much i already feel supported
  6. Hello everybody, i'm a new member on here so if anybody has any tips on how i should get started please share them i look forward to meeting everyone on here and was very happy when i found this site. thanks, krista
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