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    please ask

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  1. hi Kenda and welcome ! best wishes G!
  2. broken spoke


    Hi there Doug , hello and welcome back ! Gordon
  3. Hi and welcome casper ! I hope As makes your journey somewhat smoother Take care G
  4. Hi Alan from another Aussie [bloke] survivor ! Welcome aboard ! This boat it definately going places
  5. Welcome Heather , sorry for what brings you here ,but welcome Kind regards G!
  6. G day Kia Ora , hope you find the support you are looking for . Take care G
  7. Hi and welcome to AS , hope you find the support you need .
  8. Welcome Nita , sad for what brings you here though ,but welcome
  9. thank you both !! Will try that again , but it seems not to be working ...prob just my lack of computer skill lol
  10. ok !! not from nz ! there are folks from there here though ! i'm sure they will get to you eventually G west oz !!
  11. Have tried to disasociate myself from e mails regarding this forumn !please can you do this for me as I have tried to no avail ! best regards Gordon !
  12. Hi Bee and welcome , take your time ,look around as much as you want !! take care G!
  13. welcome , pull up a chair !we are all here to help!!
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