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  1. That list is so patronizing and insulting. Implying that people who are still victimized by their tragedies as doing something bad? Labeling people who wisely don't take the word of therapists as the word god and recognize them as the corrupt humans that they are as something negative? No surprise there; those assholes are out to line their pockets and what better way to do that than to shut down dissenting opposition like this? Calling victims "hopeless"? "Damaged"? And the worst one of the list -- implying that people who are angry at religion are doing something wrong and that the only way you can be considered a good and strong person is if you "have a personal relationship with the God of their understanding?" What about atheists or those that recognize the systemic social problems many religions (especially the Abrahamic ones) have caused humanity without history? Don't they count? This is just a thousand levels of insane.
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