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  1. my mom found my T, and i had gone to a few before this one but I didn't really have a good connection with them and I just wasn't ready to share. I guess this one just happened at the right time and it was all on my own time. I wasn't being forced to go to therapy. but this one has helped me TREMENDOUSLY, I can't even begin to say. I'm still seeing her and she's continuing to help me heal and i feel as comfortable as I possibly could telling her such personal info, so I would definitely recommend a good T that you feel especially comfortable will as well. If you don't feel a connection and y
  2. I went swimming as well, and relaxed and sun bathed :)
  3. I sorry you went through something so horrible, but I hope you will find a lot of support and love here, and that one day you will be able to trust again safe
  4. I told my mom right after it happened and begged her not to report it but she did anyways. That made it far worse for me because i had the police calling me all the time coming to my house to take statements and I couldn't handle it, I also felt guilty too and like it was my fault also so i felt horrible being forced to tell the story. It was embarrassing and made more people than I ever wanted find out about it. People chose which side to believe and I lost a lot of friends over it. Everyone has a different experience I think you just need to consider what different outcomes could happen if
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