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  1. I would really know inside that I had worth just by being me - not because I am becoming what another wants or serving their needs or "perfect" I would be able to remember a whole day without having lost sections of time I would be able to make a decision without hearing an ongoing debate about it in my head I would be able to live without the constant fear that some simple every day life occurance would trigger me into overwhelming feelings internally, or some flashback of horror, only to hide it and robotically function another day I would be able to quit acting and begin being
  2. Hi JuliaC , Hope you find the support and release you need here. Take Care, TBear
  3. Wow - this is a good resource to help see where I am... Mostly in the victim column.... Sometimes I waiver, and switch - depending on my mindset at the time.... Part of me might be more survivor... So confusing - at least this adds some order to the confusion Thanks
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