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  1. Everyone takes their own time to take the steps they need to in order to heal. Your friend told you because you are the person she feels she can trust and turn to. And in time she will be ready to seek help. When something like this happens, you just want to hide away somewhere. But you also feel the need to reach out. So you choose someone that you are close to and reach out to that person. I can imagine how hard it is for you to watch your friend go through this but remember, it is a very scary and emotional time for her. Just be there to support her. And when she is ready to seek that help,
  2. Hello. I am a sex abuse survivor. My father abused me and my sisters until I was 16 and I came forward. He pled guilty and went to prison and died there a couple of years later from esophageal cancer. I have been able to heal and move on. I have a good life, now. But I still feel the need to reach out to others and talk. I also recently started a blog at http://fromhopelesstohopeful.blogspot.com in hopes of making a difference for others with my thoughts and my story. A couple of years ago I was also sexually assaulted by another family member. I didn't include that story on my blog because
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