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  1. Thanks everyone, it has been refreshing to hear from all of you, and I anticipate being there for you as well. I have already seen so many all too familiar stories that are very much related to how my wife feels now. I just hope that it all helps understanding and the healing process for her. The hardest part for me is seeing her live this life with no passion, just getting through the days and progressively slipping into the darker side of life. Shes such a good soul and i know she has much more to offer to herself and this world. I mistook her depression for what was originallyu though
  2. Hi, I found this forum while searching for some support and guidance for my wife and I. She is a survivor of early childhood sexual abuse inflicted by an uncle. As if that wasnt enough, she suffered abuse as a teen after being drugged. I have discovered after 9 years of marraige that her family has either denied or offered no help to her and she now has very deep wounds that have never really been dealt with. We have spoken about this and feel its time to begin the healing and could use any help or advice. I look forward to become a member of this community. Bryan
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