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  1. Yeah its been about a month now and we talked last night. I sort of brought it up and that was a mistake.... She got really upset and said im trying to hurt her by bringing it up because no one else brings it up. That she has basically forgotten it and said "I was drunk it was my fault" and can move on and forget about it. All I mentioned were that there are other people out there that know what you are going through because obviously I dont. I want to try but I dont think thats realistic, so turned off the burners, for now. It will piss me off because she needs to do something, but I'm obvi
  2. Great advice Anni! So far just letting her know that i'm here 100% improved the situation. I understand being pushy and caring is a fine line so i'm still keeping that gap separated. Thanks for the help and hopefully the situation will develope into an ultimate solution over time.
  3. Too make the story short, I know this girl who was raped after some party. She has told me about the incident and I was horrified. My predicament is that she wont tell her mom, she told me, and she wont tell anyone else. I told her that potentially talking to her mom or to a counselor for rape might be a good idea but she gets so upset and mad at me if I ever mention anything closely related to the subject. I dont want to force her into any counseling so do I just present the opportunity to her by doing some research? Another big issue is shes worried about the legal side of it also and doesn'
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