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  1. I'm just now finding this topic and I just wanted to say that I truly enjoyed this chart. I'm proud to say that I'm mostly a survivor with one or two victim marks; but I also had a couple thriver marks too. For me, this was a great tool to look at and see where I need to be heading. I'm finding that therapy doesn't work for me very well (I never know what to say--and I'm afraid to let it all out for fear of judgment); therefore I'm doing my best trying to work things out on my own. Thanks a lot for posting this =)
  2. some people say things and it just hits you harder than you expect it too... "Well why did you even go over to his place?" cause we broke up a week prior and he threatened to kill himself if I didn't come get my stuff out of his apartment...what would you have done? After I got him expelled from his senior year of college... "Have you thought about how you ruined his life? He was so close to student teaching and graduating" Ummm...excuse you...HE chose to ruin his life...NOT me!
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