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  1. Hi, I'm 41 and I will maybe tell my story at another time. I was abused and have been diagnosed with bipolar and PTSD, i see a psychiatrist once a month for two minutes to write my scripts, that's about it .... More pressing at the moment is my 10 year old daughter that's been abused by her 17 year old step brother, it's very hard for me to deal with. My daughter lives with her dad , my choice... I *let* her live there and now this... I have many, many questions and I just want her to get the best help available. I need alot of help, having never dealt with my own , I don't know what all to do for her. She told and he admitted so that's good... Dad and Step mom were very upset, they got the boy out of the house, so I know my daughter is oin no more danger and they have set her up with a counselor..but a marriage and family one, is that the right one for her? should I call CPS? I don't want her ripped from her home, i don't think so anyway....Should I pursue charges against the boy?... She says he kept his pants on, took hers off, placed her in his lap and "moved"...they say that it was the first time.. I am not so sure there isn't more to the story, should I take herto a dr to see if he went inside her? I need lots of help and advise and anything you guy could offer I would be very grateful.... my stomach stays in a knot, I am not eating much and not sleeping.. I take ambian before I go to bed and when I wake up a couple hours later I take another... I can't get it off my mind... How do I help her? Thanks for reading.
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