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  1. Thanks for everyone that answered. This exercise really made me think. There were some things on my final list that might not ever happen but it was great to figure out there might be an end. Oppsss trying to stay away to post... my Ambien (sleep meds kicking in) Night all!! L
  2. T asked me today if I healed what would change? Here are some of my responses... Just curious what would be some of yours? I wouldn’t have an excuse when I do things wrong. I wouldn’t have an excuse for my anger. I wouldn’t have to pretend anymore. I would have to be real. I would have to trust myself. I would have to trust other people. I would have to let go of controlling everything little thing in my life. I would be able to really cry. I wouldn’t be the strong one. I would have to have a range of feelings. I wouldn’t have to be isolated myself anymore. I wouldn’t have to be scared all the time. I would have to slow down.
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