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  1. Hi, umm not sure what to say, I was raped last October and I've been having a hard time dealing with it. I've survived previous abuse as a child and moved past that as well as my previous habit to cut myself. I'm here because I need help. I'm the sort of person who can't cry infront of anyone cause it makes me feel weak, pathetic, vulnerable even though i know doing so does not make me any of those things. My friends know but I just can't ask for help, I can't admit I'm not okay, i don't want to be a burden, i don't want to cause anyone to worry I tried getting help from my mother but she told me I'm just obsessing I've had a very hard life, i am a strong person, i've been through alot and come through alive and okay but... I can't breathe, i can't move on, i can't sleep, i feel disgusting, i hate myself even though i know this isn't my fault, and every night i just sit and cry so here i am i hope to find support, understanding, so that maybe i can get better because i only seem to be getting worse and i don't know what to do anymore Thank you
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