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  1. Hello, My name is Helen Willow palmer. I am a mtf transgender. I hope this doesn't bother any one. I have been sexually assualted twice myself, not to mention numerous beatings and torture. I have had three concusions, a broken nose amoung other things. Though these things happened over 10 years ago, I still suffer from PTSD. I had a bad experience lately with a male psychiatrist. I went into for my appointment, and requested a woman to be present, he said no. Then to make matters worse, the male therapist from next door came and stood in the door way blocking my exit. They then proceeded to tell me that for therapuedic reasons I should see male therapists from now on. They shut me in with the Dr., and I requested the door be open and they denied that. I felt affraid and cornered. The Dr. said you seem to be handling this fine, I said ya seem to, I learned not to show emotion and things because that will get you attacked by predators. It's like a deer in the head lights doesnt move or react till you hit it. I finally decided I wasn't going to take it anymore. I reported him and the therapist. Luckily the person over this region is a woman, and they are now under investigation. Thta was the first time I finally stood up for myself.
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