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    I'm a single mother to a beautiful and smart 3 year old daughter.<br />I am a vegetarian.<br />I am creative, opinionated yet respectful and open minded, although I can be hard headed at times.<br />I'm a lover not a fighter, but I'll fight for those I love.<br />Deep inside, I am romantic but it takes the right man to expose this.<br />I love cooking, but I hate eating.<br />I love ballet and dancing in general.<br />I love to sing and play my guitar, music is my way of expressing myself.<br />I love animals, I have 2 horses, Walker and Sadie, a fish named dumbledore, a St Bernard named Mick, and a kitty named Masie. <br />I love photography, I almost always have a camera in my hands. <br />I have been clean from drugs and alcohol for 4 years, and can proudly say it's one thing in my life that I have accomplished and stuck with. <br />I had my child-hood robbed from me, so I am a kid at heart, I am constantly doing crazy random things.<br />I am short tempered, but wouldn't hurt a fly. <br />I love learning new things, meeting new people, and seeing new places.<br />My favorite shows are American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance, Bachelor, Dexter, Private Practice and Greys Antaomy.

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  1. Hey everyone. I am new here and like everyone else looking for support and someone to understand the thing's ive been through. Hope I can also be a lending ear and support for someone else as well!!! tc lilly xxx
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