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  1. Yesterday I was grabbed by some rando while I was out walking my nanny baby. Now I don't know if I can even handle walking T. 

    1. WannaMoveOn


      I am sorry. Why can't they keep their filthy hands to themselves? Sitting if ok?

    2. Finchy


      Oh my, that's scary. I'm so sorry that happened. :( Seriously wtf! I hope that never happens again. Sending you comfort and sitting with you.

  2. I can't focus on school and I'm SUPER tired

  3. It does. I'm sorry justice is so cruddy a system. I feel Ya there. Also, I did send my step father to prison successfully, but I think the post got deleted in the messy site down a while back. But...it can happen. I promise.
  4. Welcome to AS, Emily. And it's always ok to be here :}
  5. Alone, without consent it's rape, fighting or not. ((((alone)))) please stay safe tonight.
  6. Welcome You'll like us (we hope). We don't bite I hope you find what you're needing for the support of fellow survivors here.
  7. Welcome to AS, Amy. I'm Lindsey. I'm 20. If you need anything, my inbox always has space
  8. Welcome to AfterSilence. Hope you find the sight useful and find new ways to heal. Lindsey
  9. Welcome to aftersilence Kat Lindsey
  10. jellybean93

    Simply life

    Things that describe my description of life...usually hilarious.
  11. jellybean93


    This is a new dress. It will (eventually) be my wedding gown. I um, it was $42 and it fit perfect and it's the style I was looking for. Anyways, we don't have a date (yet) but hoping to soon.
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