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  1. It's already helped so much. Thank you for being there.
  2. You have no idea how much that means! Take care
  3. Thank you so much for your welcome. My heart literally hurts now that I'm letting myself feel all of this and it helps to know someone's out there.
  4. Hi, Everyone! Just wanted to introduce myself and say I'm very glad I found this site. Since I was assaulted by an acquaintance 2 months ago, I have experienced increased symptoms of depression and anxiety and have lost and been betrayed by friends who knew the perpetrator. I've had to stand on my own, applied to graduate school for public service and administration, and decided to get into the human rights field. Even though I've processed so much in a little time, I realized this week that I'm pushing myself too hard, trying to be my own hero and get myself out of this place in my life because I don't wan to feel pain. With few people who know my whole story and fewer who are able to listen when I need to speak, I'm glad to find a place full of heroes and heroines working their way through, like me. Best wishes, friends! Cat ~thenextstep~
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